Featured Expert

Joe Kovara

Principal Consultant, Governance and Compliance

Joe Kovara has been a principal consultant with Certified Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS) for more than nine years and has worked on projects in all the CSS practice areas.

Joe has fostered numerous advances in security concepts and established a systemic approach to capturing and building Intellectual Property (IP) that creates a competitive advantage for our clients. One of Joe’s most significant accomplishments is establishing security as a dimension quality. This concept was developed in concert with NTT Communications based in Tokyo, Japan. The term Security Kaizen was coined to capture the view of managing security through a continuous improvement process, leveraging TQM & Six Sigma disciplines.

Joe has 35 years of experience in the security and IT industries with extensive expertise in all aspects of information security, operating systems, and networks. Joe holds patents on self-configuring computer systems and networks. Prior to joining CSS in 2001, Joe was CTO of CyberSafe Corporation. Joe was a key contributor to CyberSafe’s growth, bringing several enterprise-security products to market and deploying them in mission-critical Fortune 100 environments. Prior to CyberSafe, Joe was a principal with the security-consulting firm of Kaplan, Kovara & Associates. Joe began his career developing software and mission planning for the Pioneer 10/11 Asteroid-Jupiter mission.

Personal Highlights – Joe has traveled extensively, and enjoys it tremendously. He especially enjoys the opportunity to try new and different cuisines. His other appetite is reading, and he is a foreign and political affairs analysis and news junkie, with SF as the occasional guilty pleasure. Joe has been featured in many publications including: “Implementing Kerberos for Distributed Systems” in the Handbook of Information Security Management, Auerbach Publications; and Security Kaizen, in .com Security Master, NTT Communications Publications.