Featured Expert

Ken Johnson

Senior Consultant, Enterprise Services

Ken Johnson is a senior enterprise services consultant at Certified Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS). In this role, Ken delivers professional and software implementation services focused on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and general Identity & Access Management.

Ken brings a solid set of skills and experience to CSS. He has a software development background and in prior roles, has written software to address certificate management challenges. In addition to providing global PKI expertise, some of his notable accomplishments at his former company include implementing two-factor authentication, leading the CertiPath key signing ceremony, contributing to a 150,000 badge Smart Card solution project, and designing and implementing a new PKI solution for S/MIME for the support of 1.3 million archived private keys.

Ken joined CSS from The Boeing Company, where he had been working since 2005. Before then, Ken worked at Microsoft as a programmer analyst for about 10 years.

Personal Highlights – Ken currently resides in Richland, WA with his wife, Tricia, and his two children, Rob and Charlyn. He enjoys photography, travel, and camping with family and friends.