Ken Keeler

Chief Financial Officer

Ken Keeler is the chief financial officer at Certified Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS). In this role, Ken is responsible for all things financial within CSS including financial management, human resources and legal.

Ken brings to CSS a unique mix of financial executive skills including banking, treasury, M&A and strategic development forged over many years serving the growth needs of 90 companies in the media, telecom, and electronic security industries. Most recently, Ken consulted for a startup hydroponic greenhouse company that will grow romaine lettuce on a large commercial scale in the United States. Prior to that, Ken co-founded a company designed to acquire undervalued companies in the media industries.

Ken began his career at Society Bank (now KeyBank) in Cleveland as a management trainee with increasing client relationship management responsibility and was ultimately promoted to Senior Vice President, starting up the credit portfolio function and co-managing Key’s $1.5 Billion Media and Telecom Leveraged Loan Division. As a senior manager at Key in the capital markets division, Ken managed 142 financial transactions to support strategic client growth during extreme industry consolidations. Ken and his team were early lenders to the security alarm, wireless, and cell tower industries which provided a unique vantage point relative to early stage development of companies and industries.

Ken is president and trustee of a 125 member sportsmen’s club and has been an active member for 20 years. The club owns and preserves substantial acreage woodland and marshland in Ohio.

Personal Highlights – Ken Keeler lives in Cleveland, Ohio with his wife and teenage son. He loves music, especially southern and country rock. An avid outdoorsman, Ken enjoys duck and pheasant hunting, as well as surf fishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.