Featured Expert

Sarah (Sami) Van Vliet

Senior Solutions Engineer

Sami Van Vliet is a senior solutions engineer at Certified Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS). She has 17 years of programming experience with a strong focus on Microsoft technologies. Over the last few years, Sami has concentrated on Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) and Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) implementations in the energy, pharmaceutical, aerospace, financial and insurance industries.

Sami has worked in a variety of sectors including non-profit, start up, government and consulting. She has worked in the US and UK, beginning her career at a publishing house in London and most recently working with a Microsoft consulting firm in Atlanta. This variety of opportunities allowed her to enjoy learning different styles of working in groups and different approaches to problem solving. Seeing a client’s challenges resolved is extremely satisfying and a driving force in her commitment to success. Sami has a Master’s of Science in IT from the University of Liverpool.

Personal Highlights – Sami lives in Atlanta with her cat who considers himself an assistant typist and expert coder. She enjoys reading, walking and going to art shows with friends.