Secure access to your WiFi

Many organizations use WiFi as an alternative to wired LAN to provide internet connectivity for mobile internal staff and visitors.

Although WiFi is commonplace and convenient, it can be considerably less secure, exposing networks to vulnerabilities leading to unauthorized access to at rest and in-motion critical data, corporate networks and applications.

WiFi security risks

WiFi is a common entry point to corporate networks for authorized employees, contractors, and customers, but it is also a popular point of access for unauthorized guests and hackers. While password protection can offer a basic level of access restriction, weak or socially-engineered passwords and single-factor authentication can invite unauthorized access to wireless data and networks. Many organizations are increasing their security requirements by adding high-assurance, multi-factor authentication and access tools based on PKI and digital certificate technology.

How can CSS help ensure the security of your WiFi?

  • Issue authentication certificate(s) to wireless users
  • Ensure uptime of RADIUS servers by tracking their certificate validity and expiration
  • Centralize reporting and alerts on impending certificate expirations across multiple vendors and operating systems
  • Issue certificates efficiently and effectively to Windows, Windows phone, Linux and other operating systems, as well as iOS, Mac and Android devices
  • Deliver certificates with on-device key generation (ODKG) and maintain meet legal non-repudiation requirements
  • Enable demonstrable and fully auditable WiFi security processes

How PKI and digital certificates elevate your WiFi security

  • Digital certificates can minimize the need for passwords and improve security posture by decreasing your attack surface
  • RADIUS servers and WiFi infrastructure accept digital certificates to authenticate both users and trusted devices, leading to a more seamless user experience and reduced Help Desk costs
  • PKI is a high assurance proven technology for digital certificates
  • A well-managed PKI can issue, deliver, revoke, track and update certificates on an as needed basis

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