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2017 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Internet of Things (IoT) Security Predictions 
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Published - Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In 2017, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) will continue to solidify its place as a fundamental digital identification, authentication and encryption standard—especially as the Internet of Things (IoT) evolves and security concerns heighten. The need for trusted digital identities will become paramount to the overall security of the Internet. As businesses attempt to secure the IoT, PKI is re-emerging as a cost-effective and proven technology that delivers a secure and high-performance solution. CSS Research has continued to monitor the state of cybersecurity throughout 2016 while generating threat intelligence insights on the digital certificates used to secure SSL/TLS connections across the Internet. 

Download this white paper to view what CSS Research predicted in regards to the trajectory of PKI and IoT in 2017.

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Benefits of a Professionally Managed PKI
White Paper

Published - Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Enterprises and organizations today are confronted with a variety of ever-changing security challenges. Core security practices like Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) have been used to consistently authenticate users and devices and encrypt critical information. Because PKI is a mature technology, assumptions have been made that the same PKI that was implemented years ago is just as secure as it was when launched. As a result, organizations that continue to rely on the old level of PKI assurance could be taking security actions that end up putting critical information, and by extension, the entire enterprise at risk. Businesses now have a number of reasons to reevaluate their PKIs; compliance mandates, organizational changes, and the maturity of cryptography are all reasons to revisit PKI management.

Download this white paper to learn what a managed PKI is, how it works, and why it’s necessary for your organization.

  • The Industry Security Landscape
  • What is a Managed PKI
  • Why PKI is Necessary: Business Challenges
  • Managed PKI for the Enterprise- Saving Time and Money
  • Choosing the Right Partner

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Digital Certificates - A Critical Line of Defense Against Cybercrime White Paper

Published - Monday, December 19, 2016

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has advanced tremendously since the early days, from simply identifying websites and securing ecommerce transactions to routinely issuing massive certificate deployments, making PKI a top priority for IT departments. The evolution of PKI has become significant, given the takeover of IoT and increased usage of digital certificates, today’s use cases for PKI have become markedly more innovative.

Download this white paper to learn about PKI’s evolution and how to prepare your organizations PKI for the future.

  • Growth of New Digital Certificates Deployments
  • Increased Reliance on PKI
  • Practices to Secure PKI
  • PKI Deployment Challenges
  • Technology Drivers for PKI Upgrade, Migration and Cyber Security Changes

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Best Practices for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Implementation Project Management White Paper

Published - Thursday, October 27, 2016

Today’s evolving cyber security landscape demands the high assurance, scalability and security of digital certificates issued from a trusted PKI to successfully secure enterprises. However, an effective PKI can be difficult to implement and manage without knowledgeable and dedicated resources in-house. Although attempting a deployment on your own sounds appealing and more cost effective, the key to a successful PKI implementation is fully understanding the entirety of the project before beginning. By outlining each critical task up front, it’s easy to quickly realize the importance of enlisting dedicated resources to assist with the entire process from day one.

Download the white paper to learn more about PKI implementations - the best practices and key overall project considerations including:

  • PKI design, policies and key signing ceremony details
  • Critical timeline and project phases
  • Appropriate skill level and availability of internal expertise
  • Major differences in implementing a PKI In-house vs. working with an expert

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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - The New Best Practices White Paper

Published - Thursday, July 28, 2016

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has undergone an evolution since its commercial introduction in the 1990s. Aging enterprise PKIs may not be a fit for current compliance, regulatory or technical requirements for new enterprise and IoT use cases. Today, companies are having to decide how to ensure the ongoing trust of old and new PKI environments and the resulting digital certificates.

Download this white paper to learn about PKI progress and the decisions your organization may need to consider, including:

  • PKI evolution and new risks
  • Best practices for today’s PKI controls
  • Remediating what makes sense vs. starting fresh
  • PKI operations management tools
  • External audit considerations

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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the Internet of Things (IoT) White Paper

Published - Thursday, June 30, 2016

Digital certificates continue to be a cost-effective and efficient method to authenticate, secure and validate diverse endpoints and data in IoT systems. As organizations recognize the cost savings and flexibility associated with establishing their own PKI, they’re also learning that the typical enterprise PKI is not a good fit for unique IoT systems.

Download this white paper to learn about unique PKI for IoT considerations including:

  • Importance of authentication, encryption and signing for IoT devices, data, users and applications
  • How PKI for IoT is different from a typical enterprise PKI
  • Challenges related to high volume, low power devices, disparate endpoint owners and multiple relying parties
  • Issues and best practices for IoT PKI trust, scalability and uptime
  • IoT PKI design considerations

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Digital Certificate Template Best Practices White Paper

Published - Thursday, May 26, 2016

Digital certificate templates contain properties common to all certificates issued by Microsoft® enterprise certification authorities (CAs) based on that template, giving administrators more control over their Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Learn how effectively organized, documented, and managed certificate templates help administrators manage a diverse subscriber base, minimize the risk of issuing incorrect certificates, and support reporting for security compliance requirements.

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SHA-1 Deprecation Challenges & Solutions White Paper

Published - Thursday, April 21, 2016

Moving from SHA-1 digital certificates to SHA-2 is vital to defend against cyber criminals. SHA-1 certificates are no longer being issued and are sched­uled to reach their expiration before January 1, 2017. Continued use of SHA-1 certificates places your organization in a cryptographically insecure position against cyber adversaries. Time is running out to identify and implement a SHA-1 deprecation plan to ensure that every certificate your organization is upgraded to the secure SHA-2 algorithm.

Download the CSS Research “SHA-1 Deprecation Challenges & Solutions” white paper to learn:

  • Why SHA-1 is being deprecated
  • Deprecation tim­ing
  • SHA-2 migration challenges
  • Best practices and resources to complete the transition

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