Identity and Access Management

Protect against digital identity threats

In today’s world, large scale and widely public data breaches are an everyday occurrence. Damages suffered from such attacks include the potential for revenue loss, dissatisfied customers and brand deterioration.

CSS views Identity and Access Management – providing the ability to improve global communication and collaboration, securely – as a necessary dimension of quality, process management, and continuous improvement. Without Identity and Access Management, your quality and reliability suffer. Much like quality initiatives, IAM requires alignment and integration with business processes if it is to be effective and efficient.

Prevent identity intrusions

CSS provides secure access to information within your network environment as well as Security as a Service (SaaS) applications beyond your firewall. Partners, suppliers, customers, and off-site employees who need access to specific resources can connect to the vital resources they need by employing CSS’ Identity & Access Management solutions – all while you maintain control and remain protected from interlopers as your network stretches.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions from CSS define the foundation for a secure risk-aware enterprise allowing for reduced costs and ensured compliance by managing identity and access across physical, virtual and cloud environments, in addition to leveraging your existing IT assets and new computing models. 

CSS experts leverage people, policies and processes, along with existing investments in infrastructure, to build core IAM capabilities into a common, secure and compliant platform that addresses your identity challenges and requirements.

Secure your environment and prevent unauthorized access

Implementing IAM is challenging and time-consuming, due in large part to the need for provisioning role-based access control across a company's applications, departments, and individuals. Whether driven by the need to make your staff more effective through broadened, secure reach of your network or regulations such as HIPAA, SOX and PCI, CSS is uniquely skilled to apply our 13-plus years of IAM implementations for trusted solutions.

CSS Identity & Access solutions can enable your organization to take advantage of the highest-assurance security tools

Support authentication & encryption through Public Key Infrastructure:

Turn to CSS for the development and management of an infrastructure that will issue, renew, revoke and manage digital certificates in a quick, scalable and cost-effective manner. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) from CSS allows you to automate and streamline business processes without becoming vulnerable. 

A PKI from CSS helps you satisfy stringent security requirements as you apply them to a multitude of business processes including but not limited to non-repudiation of e-mail messages, encryption of web server traffic, and the use of encrypted file systems. CSS PKI solutions combine technology, people, services, processes, and policy for a complete solution.

CSS’ PKI can leverage your existing infrastructure so that your organization can:

  • Secure email and rights management
  • Secure applications and web services
  • Create Virtual Private Networks and IPSec
  • Provide hard drive encryption

Replace passwords with smart cards & tokens: 

Granting access to authorized individuals (and denying access to unauthorized ones) inside and outside a company while a basic requirement is oftentimes more complicated than one might think. CSS can help your company implement a manageable, two-factor authentication system that will heighten credential assurance, merge physical and logical access and reduce enterprise sign-ons. CSS has deployed strong authentication and smart-card integration in numerous organizations as we’re pioneers in offering high-value solution packs, fixed-price, that protect and manage information technology assets.

CSS takes into account your needs through the design process, implementing a system tied to corporate objectives, architected utilizing rigorous quality techniques to ensure that the investment returns a measurable benefit to the organization, improving the client’s threat profile and minimizing complexity.


Manage your digital certificates to prevent system outages: 

CSS provides planning and implementation of certificate lifecycle management systems that prevent outages, downtime and data loss due to expired certificates or lost encryption keys without placing undue burden on IT support personnel through our Certificate Management System (CMS)

Enable the security behind mobile workforces and remote access: 

Remote access can be your biggest security risk. CSS can secure your systems while delivering your organization seamless, secure remote access to infrastructure via policy-based access.

Manage identities through provisioning & workflow efficiencies: 

Consolidate and streamline internal and extranet security administration by synchronizing disparate identity stores, enabling end user self-service and enforcing business rules via integrated workflows.

Design your digital identity management architecture: 

Envision and design a strategic identity management plan that reflects enterprise-wide consensus and addresses the business processes, infrastructure, and tools needed to achieve the plan.

Control access based on individual roles: 

Implement a cost-effective advanced access control model that manages your security at a level that corresponds closely to your organization’s structure.

Enable single sign-on (SSO): 

Strengthen your protection of user credentials by combining the use of strong authentication methods, such as Kerberos, digital certificates, smart-cards, or OTP token configurations.

CSS designs and deploys single sign-on solutions that build on directory-enabled services to the enterprise. Solutions are built with a deep understanding of legacy systems, web applications, systems role-based access control, and authentication credentials. CSS will define the capabilities of each element with respect to lifecycle management, administration delegation, compliance, and the security risk profile.

We have delivered web-based authentication service integration for intra- and inter-network configurations. Our capabilities include directory consolidation, access control definition, public key infrastructure, federated trust, compliance check, and threat modeling.

Migrating and consolidating network authentication service to one repository of trust enables single sign-on with smart cards or personal unique-identifier devices. Oftentimes this service includes data rationalization and network-quarantine capabilities.

Ensure application layer security through federation services: 

Make identities portable across organizational and technological boundaries using industry standard protocols. Leverage cloud-based services in a seamless manner or optimize existing cloud-based service to your customers.

Federated identity solutions can be used to dramatically reduce helpdesk calls and password management by providing Single Sign-On across traditional trust boundaries. Federation can be used internally to bridge different directories and environments, as well as externally with customers and partners. This allows companies to share applications, and gain Single Sign-On to those applications, without having to adopt the same technology infrastructure for security and directory services.

CSS partners with clients and organizations to help develop SAML and WS-Federation based federated identity solutions that provide authenticated user information to be shared between business partners.

Capabilities include web-based single sign-on for cross-organization trust in three models: 

  • Service provider model, where users link to the service providers from their internal Web portal.
  • Identity provider model, where multiple identity stores are consolidated for a single authoritative identity and access repository.
  • Cross domain model, where both organizations perform service provider and identity provider functions.

Assist in publishing and access to trusted applications: 

Make internal and partner extranet applications available universally, while providing deep packet inspection, endpoint protection, and simplified authentication.

Authenticate seamlessly across multiple platforms: 

Leverage an existing Active Directory infrastructure to control authentication to multiple non-Windows platforms.

Foster authorization management solutions: 

Provide an identity infrastructure that tears down application authorization silos and instead provides seamless access to designated network resource.

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