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The implementation of digital certificates, issued from a trusted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), allow for cryptographically sound technology to be integrated easily while significantly improving the end-user experience and substantially improving the security posture of the enterprise.

It is estimated that by 2020, 50 billion "things" will be connected to the internet and with each connection comes authentication and management challenges unlike ever before.

Digital certificates issued from a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) are undoubtedly the most effective method for securing these “things,” however, a solid PKI can be difficult to implement and manage without knowledgeable and dedicated resources in-house. CSS facilitates a proper infrastructure build, integrates PKI-enabled applications, and manages the lifecycle of digital certificates.

Learn how implementing a solid PKI can increase your security posture.

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Not all PKIs are created equal

Enterprises are simply not protected by just having a PKI. Given the nature of how easy it is to set up a Certificate Authority (CA), enterprises are unknowingly defining critical policies and models just by issuing their very first digital certificate.

Proper consideration and on-going management must be given to security models and policy surrounding digital certificates due the gravity of their responsibilities.

Serving as a digital driver’s license, digital certificates form the basis for secure identity and enables secure e-commerce on the Internet. As with identities in the physical world, there can be dire consequences if someone impersonates an organization on the Internet, or uses falsified identification. However, SSL and the global Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) community is facing an unprecedented series of security challenges and attacks against this basis of trust. Fraudulently issued or “fake” certificates have become a significant security risk to organizations large and small, and even to the public at large, and can become the basis of phishing attacks, identity theft, and corporate espionage.

CSS’ PKI experts assist organizations in developing, delivering and maintaining strong public key infrastructures that provides long-term value. Taking into account your business goals and needs, as well as current assets and capabilities, CSS’ PKI solutions are designed to meet the appropriate assurance requirements, while avoiding undue operational burden on IT personnel and budget. CSS will help your organization arrive at a PKI solution that supports your business objectives and budget by providing flexible options ranging from PKI Readiness Assessments and Health Checks, traditional design and deployment services, to a turn-key approach of PKI Managed Services. In organizations large and small, in nearly every industry, PKI is a critical enabler for a variety of applications including:

  • Secure email
  • Digital signatures
  • Remote and direct access
  • Wireless security
  • Encryption
  • E-commerce
  • VPNs
  • Smart cards
  • Mobile device authentication

SHA-1 Deprecation Challenges & Solutions

Published - Thursday, April 21, 2016

Download the CSS Research “SHA-1 Deprecation Challenges & Solutions” white paper to learn:

  • Why SHA-1 is being deprecated
  • Deprecation tim­ing
  • SHA-2 migration challenges
  • Best practices and resources to complete the transition

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Learn how implementing a solid PKI can increase your security posture.

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