PKI Readiness Assessment

Considering a PKI Deployment? This is the starting point.

Where to start with PKI

A PKI Readiness Assessment is designed as a starting point for customers that currently do not have a PKI, but are considering the deployment of one. This engagement is intended to investigate and assess a customer’s ability to leverage PKI related technology against current and future needs, relative to the business cases that are driving the need.

PKI Readiness Assessment process

  1. INFRASTRUCTURE REVIEW: Evaluate readiness of current infrastructure to support a PKI that will satisfy desired business cases
  2. ENVISIONINGProvide PKI consulting services to envision a future state PKI
  3. PATH RECOMMENDATION: Recommend an appropriate path to ensure maximum benefit for the enterprise
  4. USE CASE REVIEW: A full assessment of proposed PKI use cases is completed including certificate type, provisioning type, and projected count for needed certificates
  5. PKI DESIGN: Sample architecture design

A PKI Readiness Assessment reviews adherence to PKI fundamentals:

  • Informational security system based on asymmetric cryptography
  • Governance around issuance, usage and management of digital certificates
  • A policy centric approach to PKI design
  • Meticulous planning

Benefits of a PKI Readiness Assessment:

  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced cost
  • Increased uptime
  •  Compliance

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 If you need a PKI Readiness Assessment and a PKI Health Check, ask your sales rep about a package.