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Prevent outages and data breaches with automated digital certificate discovery and management

Whether it be to proactively reduce risk or to address an outage or breach, organizations are increasingly recognizing the need for additional layers of protection for their enterprise systems.

New challenges arise with each new system or business initiative. Some in the form of scale and others in the method of security. Multi-factor authentication methods, beyond the traditional methods of passwords and tokens, are becoming more commonplace, and, in some lines of business, required for regulation, certification, and even interfaced business relationships. Undoubtedly, digital certificates issued from a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) are the most secure method for ensuring any digital identity. As IT department responsibilities swell to secure each new device, the number of digital certificates (issued from an internal CA or purchased from a third party) will rapidly increase widening management gaps and placing enterprises at risk for system outages and breaches of secure identity.

Stop unplanned outages or breaches caused by digital expired or fraudulent certificates  

Enterprise outages are most often a consequence of an expired digital certificate as a result of IT departments manually tracking hundreds, thousands or millions of certificates in a spreadsheet. Managing certificates manually can be time-consuming and prone to human error. One expiration can shut down technologies that rely on the certificate. Expiration or breach consequences include:

  • Revenue loss
  • Decreased employee productivity
  • System and server downtime
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Brand deterioration

Designed to help enterprises minimize security risk, avoid exercises in crisis management and maintain a positive reputation by meeting uptime system goals, the Certificate Management System (CMS) allows enterprises to quickly and efficiently manage a scalable volume of digital certificates with monitoring, reporting and alerts.

CMS prevents enterprise outages and data breaches by first discovering then ensuring the health and validity of digital certificates serving as methods of digital identification for communications within your enterprise. Designed specifically for making the issuance, revocation, and lifecycle of all the certificates in an organization scalable and highly secure, CMS brings IT professionals everything they need to manage all of their digital certificates at scale.

Certified Security Solutions (CSS) builds its software and services around digital identity which includes three core components:

  • Encryption
  • Digital Signatures
  • Authentication

digital identity management for the enterprise

The CSS Certificate Management System (CMS) provides on-device support for iOS, Mac, Linux, Java, and Windows certificate processes.

Automate digital certificate management to prevent costly outages or breaches before they happen

CMS tracks and verifies          

  • Any certificate – SSL/TLS checking for validity and expiration dates
  • On any device – platform agnostic
  • Anywhere in your environment – Internet of Things (IoT) or traditional enterprise operations

CMS is agnostic & integrated

  • On-device support for iOS, Mac, Linux, Java and Windows certificate processes
  • Automated reporting and alerting
  • Query based on client defined meta data

CMS is secure by design

  • On-device key generation
  • Role based access control
  • Microsoft Application Development Gold Certified

CMS helps you maximize your PKI investment

  • No per-certificate management fees
  • Low cost of entry
  • Scalable solution that has no limits numerical on certificate monitoring and reporting

Certificate management software can best serve an organization looking to efficiently manage the life-cycle of the following enterprise use cases:

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