Scalable PKI and Certificate Service for Cloud Application Providers

CMS Topaz for Cloud Applications

Security in your application doesn't have to be a significant investment

Digital certificates can be fundamental to the successful and secure delivery of cloud applications, or hybrid applications and services, that invoke data encryption and device authorization. A dedicated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) offers significant advantages, however, the time and expertise required to manage a PKI is substantial and beyond the core mission of an application provider. 

Focus on the operation of your applications. CMS Topaz delivers their security. 

CMS Topaz provides cloud application providers with a path to easily embed certificates into their applications. Leveraging cloud-based PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS), CMS Topaz delivers digital certificates and addresses security mandates without the need to host, manage, or support a full PKI. Application providers can have full confidence in their technology without allocating critical resources to the specialized operational demands of its security.

CMS Topaz is architected to allow for unlimited scalability, while offering licensing that suitably reflects each stage of deployment and utilization. CMS Topaz deployment includes agents and APIs, along with support credits with experienced PKI engineers, so that certificate issuance, revocation, and authentication are seamless processes within your application. CMS Topaz supports a variety of certificate enrollment mechanisms and protocols, from modern RESTful web APIs to legacy protocols such as SCEP.

Your Application. Certificates and Security from CMS Topaz.