Ecosystem Integration and Workflow

The Keys to IoT Security

CMS VerdeTTo™ Ecosystem Integration

With a Root of Trust (RoT) established and unique device identity in place, all connections to and from the device are authenticated. All data communications between the devices and respective IoT gateways, platforms and applications, are encrypted and secured.

CMS VerdeTTo™ Ecosystem Integration

CMS VerdeTTo™ establishes a private Root of Trust, which is leveraged by all IoT ecosystem elements tasked with encryption and authentication. Certificate-based authentication, along with granular access control based on extended device attributes, is easily enabled within common IoT hardware, platforms and applications.

Plugins and APIs facilitate the addition of authentication and authorization within applications, and are available for popular IoT platforms such as ThingWorx, Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, SAP Leonardo, and others. Agents are also available to centrally manage the trust stores of IoT applications, ensuring that only your own trusted identities are permitted to connect rather than identities issued by third parties that are part of your platform’s default, bloated, set of trusted authorities.