Secure Update and Management

The Keys to IoT Security

CMS VerdeTTo™ Identity Lifecycle Management

Devices cannot be deployed into the wild without the ability to update them whenever necessary. View The Future of Your Device for the common scenarios to prepare for, including security response and organizational change.

It is imperative to stay on top of your entire device fleet, and to always be in full control of them. Knowing what devices are active and where they are operating, and most importantly, having the ability to securely update them, is critical in ensuring ongoing IoT security.

CMS VerdeTTo™ Identity Lifecycle Management

CMS VerdeTTo™ maintains a secure connection with each device, in order to centrally manage device identity. This permits remote replacement of device certificates as well as modification of trust and key stores. Discovery, inventory and management all occur from a single pane of glass, without recalling or replacing devices, and without waiting for a maintenance window when devices are taken offline.

CMS Verdetto One Step Automation brings control and convenience to the ongoing operational management of devices. Secure revocation, re-enrollment, addition and removal of certificates is centrally performed for one device just as easily as one million.