Unique Identity Provisioning

The Keys to IoT Security

CMS VerdeTTo™ Secure Provisioning

In establishing unique identity for every device, the most common questions that arise include how to get a digital certificate onto devices and what should happen when the device first lights up and connects. These elements are also the most pivotal in establishing a foundation for IoT security.

CMS VerdeTTo™ Secure Provisioning

CMS VerdeTTo™ ensures that every device has a unique identity assigned, a proper Root of Trust established, and a secure means to install and provision them. This configurable process includes setting up the device for unique identity provisioning, authentication of the device when it first comes online, and registration of the unique device, and its role, within a central directory.

Unique device attributes, including certificates and keys are shipped with the hardware, are leveraged to validate the device’s authenticity prior to assigning it a unique identity. The unique identity it receives is then private to your organization, and does not have a trust model shared in any way with your component manufacturers, service providers, or any of their other partners and customers.