Security Infrastructure Optimization

Security solutions to enable an optimized infrastructure

Security Infrastructure Optimization allows businesses to enhance the present condition of organizational tools, increase productivity and operational agility, improve security, and decrease overall cost. An optimized infrastructure can provide the highest levels of access, availability and functionality to major components of a world-class enterprise.

Optimizing Security Infrastructure to ensure the security, performance and reliability of your operational environment may involve addressing a number of frustrating issues which can be resolved with robust technical and security solutions.

Defining infrastructure optimization challenges

There are many obstacles to creating an optimized infrastructure. The examples below are just some of the challenges that can have a significant impact on organizational efficiency and cost:

  • Network access methods such as Wi-Fi, VPN and DirectAccess are becoming more susceptible to breach and inaccessibility due to the use of unsecured text-based passwords;
  • Text-based passwords may also compromise the security assurance of applications, authentication and authorization;
  • Lack of an automated option to centrally deliver digital certificates to a large group of authorized users, applications or mobile devices;
  • Proliferation of a large number of digital certificates leading to a loss of visibility and control, causing misconfigured or expired certificates to disrupt operations; and
  • Inadequate alerting and reporting functions resulting in certificate expiration and misconfiguration which opens the door to downtime and breach

How can CSS assist you with optimizing your infrastructure?

Using CSS software and services, our customers have been able to easily, effectively and efficiently:

  • Replace or eliminate passwords permanently;
  • Utilize multi-factor authentication, including smart cards;
  • Guarantee secure Wi-Fi for internal or external users;
  • Restrict access to privileged business systems;
  • Implement a convenient “single point of certificate management” across multiple platforms; and
  • Extend the trust in their enterprise security outside of the corporate firewall

CSS solutions help resolve infrastructure issues

Certificate Management System (CMS): 

Implementing solutions that enable infrastructure efficiency and effectiveness can be critical to reducing risk, improving operational outcomes and increasing revenue. The CSS Certificate Management System (CMS) simplifies the identification, cataloging, monitoring, issuance and revocation of digital certificates across multiple platforms throughout the certificate lifecycle. CMS, as software or as a component of managed services, is uniquely designed and implemented to address the individual certificate environment of every customer.

CSS professional and managed services empower your business to successfully issue your own trusted digital certificates, or offload the management to our experts: 

Organizations in need of creating trusted digital certificates turn to CSS to design, implement and manage a trusted manage the environment independently.

CSS helps companies minimize risk, improve business outcomes: 

Using privately trusted certificates, generated at no incremental cost, allows enterprises to implement multi-factor authentication, encryption and digital signing. This technology improves the security posture of an organization, providing protection from internal and external threats. CMS spans multiple platforms and technologies (including iOS, Android, Windows, MAC/OS, Linux, Java KeyStore and Entrust as well as almost all networking, Wi-Fi and perimeter device manufacturers) while providing a single pane of glass for management and reporting. Additionally, the unique issuance capability of CMS across almost any device or operating system allows an organization to consistently extend high assurance security practices across the organization, users and client/partner ecosystem.

Infrastructure Optimization solutions for your industry

Learn about increasing the safety, performance and availability of your organizational infrastructure environment while preventing frustrating security issues.